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"For you have been a shelter and a refuge for me..." Psalm 6:13

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MPACC House Supports Women in Crisis

MPACC House provides temporary housing and an umbrella of support components to women and their children during their time of crisis.

The educational component of MPACC House is a critical aspect of getting the women we serve on a pathway to wholeness.

We also adhere to the adage that says, “In order to do better, one must know better.” Our educational component hosts Zoom sessions covering these required classes:

• Financial Literacy
• Nutrition & Wellness Training

• Parenting Training
• Home Maintenance

Because of our belief in God and service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we know better days are ahead for the women we help. We share the love of God and love from God during their most critical time of need. Knowing that God loves them changes their mindset regarding life itself.

So often women are made to feel ashamed of the place life has landed them. They look back on decisions they made that may have been the best for them and their children. They take ownership of the problems they are in and feel they deserve the pain and suffering. We give them hope. We help them heal from the inside out. In addition to know that God loves, we want the women we serve to know we care for them as well.

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